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2018-2019 Staff

Jake Dailey

Website Editor

Jake Dailey (12) joined journalism this year (2018-2019) and is interested in technology and history. His hobbies include hiking and taking care of animals.

Jen Jacobs


Ms. Jacobs is the staff supervisor for the NHS journalism class, overseeing and grading the students stories.

Kylie Armstrong


Kylie Armstrong joined journalism this year (2018-2019) and is interested in writing about the many clubs on campus. Her favorite subject is history with Mr. Taylor.

Marley Morales


Marley (10) has been part of journalism since last year (2017-2018) she is part of ASB as well and enjoys music greatly.

Tay Clyde


Tay (11) she joined journalism this year (2018-2019) and is in band. She enjoys music, writing, history, and comic books. Outside of school, she enjoys sleeping, eating, playing her saxophone, and gets miffed when she cannot play...

Davide Scrofano


Davide (12) joined the NHS journalism team this year (2018-2019) and is interested in sports on campus.

Jacob Williams


Jacob Williams (12) has been on the NHS journalism staff for 4 years (2015-2019) and is into Norco's sports and events on campus.

Ryan Curtis


Ryan Curtis (11) is part of journalism, joining this year (2018-2019), and enjoys writing. His favorite subject is psychology and he enjoys figuring out how things work, and plays video games in his spare time with friends.