ROTC’s Brand New Major

Candace Cortez, Writer

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Earlier this month, JROTC was introduced to their new teacher. Major Lorkowski was hired at Norco High School to fill this important position, and he is more than excited to be a part of such an amazing program.

When I interviewed the corps, they said that he is a strong, helpful, and respectable man.

Brandon Robinson, who is a part of the AFJROTC program, says the major “helps with all the paperwork that comes in, the cadet moral, and the finance or money that is exported and imported. The major is also in charge of many of the events we do, along with Sargent Spratley. To me personally, I look at him as a father figure. I believe he is just what the corps needs: A person who knows how to take charge, and talk to the cadets and communicate properly. He is a great guy.”

Paul Lorkowski is 42 years old. He came to California from Washington. He served in the United States Air Force for 25 years before retiring. He also works as a part time photographer. He takes high quality photos of events like concerts and members of the band, Soundgarden, and landmarks too. He even gets paid for his marvelous work.

As he planned to move to the area, he was informed about the NHS ROTC program. He was hired by Mr. Ibbestson, the principal at Norco High. Students and staff from ROTC say it’s been an amazing experience having him as part of their program.

Norco High School is more than proud to welcome ROTC’s brand-new major, Paul Lorkowski, to such a wonderful school. We hope you enjoy your time here at Norco High, Major Lorkowski!