“Celebrating Art” Art Winners


Cheyenne's Submission

Ryan Curtis, Writer

Celebrating Art hosts an art contest that receives thousands of entries every year. It is a student art contest open to all students in any grade level.

This organization has awarded tens of thousands of dollars in art supplies and books to teachers and students, and they have an art book showcasing the winners. Their art competitions are open to students in the U.S and Canada, and they are broken into grade divisions. Contests takes place three times a year.

Irene Sissoyev, Cheyenne Briddick, Hope Hecht, Katelynn Franco, and Kate Beld all won in the contest, and their work will be published in the book, “Celebrating Art.” Being published represents a lot of talent, hard work, and dedication from the students and teachers. The publication of the students’ art shows publicly their achievement.

The students were entered into the contest by Norco High teacher Jaye Hamersma. She saw their art, and with their permission, entered their pieces into the contest. What they won were points in “Celebrating Arts Classroom Reward Program,” and with the points they can get free Blick Art supplies. This will help the art program in Norco High.

Congratulations to all the art winners. You are wonderful representatives of Norco High.