Naturals Club


Kylie Armstrong, Writer

There’s a new club on campus! The Naturals Club with Mrs. Sanchez was created early this year and currently has 40 members.

Mrs. Sanchez first thought about this club after having a bad reaction to some skin oils. She wants to help students become more aware of the chemicals in the products we use. “After some research, you can see a lot of the chemicals in popular products can be more harmful than helpful,” Sanchez says. So far, the Naturals Club has had 3 meetings. The first demonstration was on making eye shadow primer, and the last demonstration was on making soap. For the next meeting, she plans to make shower fizzies and bath bombs.

Mrs. Sanchez hopes to have students make these products with her, but she says the club is in need of additional funds. To raise these funds, she will be having the club members sell candy bars, and she’ll be collecting clothes to donate. By the end of the club’s fundraising, she plans to have made $800.

The Naturals Club meets twice a month on Mondays and Thursdays in Ms. Jacobs’s room K19. See Mrs. Sanchez in her office to join today!