Athlete of the Month, Caitlyn Lopez – September


Ryan Curtis, Writer

Freshman Caitlyn Lopez has been named athlete of the month of September. She has been chosen not only for her exceptional ability on the field but also for her work in the classroom. Caitlyn’s favorite thing about the girls’ volleyball team is that “everyone gets along even though we have different personalities and its fun.” She feels that at Norco High everybody gets along. She has been playing volleyball with her sisters since she was four, and later on she joined a volleyball club at the age of ten. She said, “I grew up with it [volleyball] and it shaped me to be a better person.” The volleyball season has already passed, but for the next school year she wants the season to be the same and for the team to get better. Caitlyn is very honored to be named athlete of the month, as she wasn’t expecting the honor since she is a freshman.