Everyone has heard about Avid, but little knows what it is about. Avid’s mission statement, “To close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society”,  describes Avid as a way to get a culture of college readiness. The program itself joined Norco High in 1998.

When Avid joined so did College Wear day. College wear day directly relates to the mission statement. Every Thursday if you wear college wear you will be rewarded with a tootsie roll.

On October third through October sixth Avid students will be off campus to be on another. They will be on different college campuses having an opportunity to see colleges outside of their area. Most students can’t travel around looking at colleges, so avid wll give them the opportunity to. The schools that will be visited include, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State University, UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, Sonoma State University, UC Davis, and UC Merced.

These students will have an amazing opportunity to see colleges they would never see before.