Ryan Curtis, Writer

Several people have the wrong idea about yoga. Just because girls most commonly do it, people assume it’s only for girls or for those stereotypical vegans. That’s wrong. It’s for everyone, and at Norco High, we show that.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but it came to Norco High this school year. For three years, Ms. Mong asked for a yoga class to teach and this year, she got her wish. It’s a physical education class and is held in the wrestling room. “Norco’s tradition is based on traditional sports, football, and baseball. People are scared to try new things” stated Ms. Mong. Those who may wanted to enroll into yoga, may not be able too. Yoga accepts everyone, but only a few were able to take the class. Ms. Mong also wants a few things to better the yoga experience; yoga’s own space, mirrors on the walls, and a budget to buy materials needed for the class.

Yoga has many benefits for the body and mind. It increases flexibility, increases muscle and tone, and improves respiration, energy, and vitality. It also helps with maintaining a balanced metabolism, weight reduction and cardio/circulatory heath. For physical benefits, it improves athletic performances and protects people from injury.

Most people are also surprised that yoga helps with one’s mind. Yoga’s positive benefits on mental health have made it an important practice and tool in psychotherapy. It relieves stress, sharpens attention and concentration, and it calms/centers the nervous system.

Yoga is so much more than just stretching. It has many benefits and is a part of Norco High.