Mr. Smith’s Hidden Talent


Ryan Curtis, Editor In Chief

Dustin Smith is the current ceramics teacher at Norco high school. He took ceramics here at Norco High when he was a student he as well. Mr. Smith’s father used to be a ceramics teacher at Norco High as well before Mr. Smith got invited to become Norco High’s very own ceramics teacher. He is quoted to say that he loves ceramics and teaching here.

Mr. Smith played sports, but later abandoned them for his science major. He once again picked up sports later on, but in the form of mixed martial arts. Mr. Smith attended Cal State San Bernardino and Cal State Baptist, as well as various others, totaling 9 colleges in all.

He is an accomplished athlete, winning a world championship in mixed martial arts, but he unfortunately had to retire do to a back injury. He won in the Sports Jiu Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF) for men, NoGi – Purple – Master – Ultra Heavy, in 2014.

NoGi means that clothes grabbing is not allowed in the match. Purple is the level of the belt in Jiu Jitsu, and with that level in Jiu Jitsu, it should be feasible to hold your own against higher level practitioners in the black belt range. Master is the age range of the individuals, usually around the age of 30+.

Weight classes in BJJ is as follows; Rooster – 57.5 kg (126.5 lbs), Light Feather – 64 kg (141 lbs), Feather -n70 kg (154 lbs), Light – 76 kg (167.5 lbs), Middle – 82.3 kg (181 lbs), Medium Heavy -88.3 kg (194.5 lbs), Heavy – 94.3 kg (207.5 lbs), Super-Heavy – 100.5 kg (221.0 lbs).

Everyone has their life story, and many have accomplishments that some people aren’t knowledgeable about. Mr. Smith’s talent is hidden no more, and his accomplishments are very exciting for Norco High.