Burt Ward Receives His Star


Ryan Curtis, Editor In Chief

The Caped Crusader/Canine Crusader, Burt Ward, the man who starred as Robin in the original Batman TV show, was finally recognized for this groundbreaking role. Ward finally received his well deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 9, 2020, over 50 years after the airing of Batman in 1966.

In a recent interview with me, Ward jokingly described himself as a “very patient man” after having to wait 54 years for this honor. He is very honored to receive his star, since every actor does not get one. He doesn’t feel like a big shot celebrity, either, because he says he has always been the same person.

At the beginning of his acting career, the first role he ever tried out for was for The Boy Wonder himself, Robin. He has said it wasn’t a big struggle and he managed to be the one out of 1100 actors that tried out for the part, and made the cut.  Ward and Adam West instantly made a connection with each other after their very first meeting. Ward’s key advice for young actors trying to make it in Hollywood is to study and work on it, and if you get a chance or audition, you have to be absolutely ready.

Ward hasn’t stopped acting over the years; he’s been appearing and starring in various movies and shows over the years, such as Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, The Simpsons, Futurama, Supergirl, and more. He has also kept busy doing visual effects and composing. Ward feels great to be the original Robin, and what he and West did was phenomenal. The show became the biggest in the world, and it generated more and more new ideas into the way TV shows should be. Before the show, actors were more straight forward and they had little to no audience involvement. Batman, on the other hand, included the audience. You wouldn’t see little kids jumping around with superhero masks on if it wasn’t for the show. Batman was at the forefront of comic books coming to life on TV and the big screen.

Ward along with his wife, Tracy, live right here in Norco and have for the past 25 years. He likes the family and animal friendly community, the horse trails, and how life here in Norco isn’t crazy like it is in Los Angeles. Being animal driven, he blends right into the Norco community. He and Tracy currently have 45 dogs living at, and inside of, their home. They own a dog rescue to ensure that as many dogs find loving homes as possible.

Gentle Giants is the Ward’s company. It’s a dog food company promoting longevity for dogs, and it is half the price of other lead dog food. 25 years ago, When Ward and his family moved to Norco, they found a Great Dane  that needed to be rescued for their daughter. The dog clearly wasn’t fed well before then. They then rescued another dog. They realized that many dogs that weren’t being rescued were being euthanized. This struck a cord with Ward and he couldn’t stand seeing all these beautiful gentle dogs being put down. He rescued many, yet only planned to rescue dogs for 2 weeks. It’s been 25 ½ years since then, and he has rescued 15,500 dogs since then.


He originally created Gentle Giants dog food just for the dogs he kept at his home (he keeps 45 to 50 dogs at his house at a time), but the people adopting dogs from him wanted to purchase the dog food from him. Gentle Giants is a world class dog food that promotes a long and healthy life for dogs at half the price of the other top dog foods. Ward asserts that his dog food can be credited for doubling and sometimes tripling the lifespan of these animals. He has a feeding plan available to anyone interested that also helps dogs have a better quality of life, for more information, see his website at gentlegiantsdogfood.com.


Photographer: Gary Evans


All photos are posted with permission by Burt Ward.