Prepare for the Great ShakeOut Scare!


Owen Longwell, Writer

Next Thursday, October 17th 2019, be ready for the twelfth annual Great California ShakeOut! It will start at 10:17 AM and last until 11:17 AM.

The program for the Great ShakeOut originated here in Southern California in 2008. It was developed to help teach earthquake preparedness for students, workers, and everyone in between.

Earthquakes have a track record of being more dangerous than other natural disasters – not necessarily due to their large size, though many earthquakes are, but because they are hard to predict and prepare for. While the procedure is simple – drop, cover, and hold on – it is not easy to do quick enough to weather an earthquake. If an earthquake happens, and you are not ready, you could lose balance for the sake of moving into cover. If you don’t make it to suitable cover quickly enough, something could fall on top of you. You need practice in order to truly be prepared for an earthquake, and that is precisely what the ShakeOut procedure is for, as is mentioned in “Why Participate?”

ShakeOut has gained worldwide notoriety and is practiced far beyond our state, and by far more than just schools. 54.8 million people around the world are registered to be participating in the event this year, including 9.4 million participants in the state of California. In the 9.4 million, 1.3 million participants are located in the Inland SoCal region. Statistically the 9.4 million mark of earthquake-ready individuals California boasts is only beaten by the countries of Mexico and Iran, with 9.7 million and 14 million respectively, all of which is mentioned in the list of Global Participants.

For more information on the ShakeOut, where it’s being held, and how to directly sign up, visit the Great California ShakeOut website at