School Wi-Fi is Finally Here

School Wi-Fi is Finally Here

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Ryan Curtis

For a few years now, we have been told about Wi-Fi coming to the school in the not so distant future. This year, it’s finally here! Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new system where a student can connect to the school Wi-Fi network on their personal device, while on campus.

To connect to the Wi-Fi, you must first download the app “Intelligent Hub” before coming to school. In a shared video, students learn about Intelligent Hub, and how it screens your device’s apps, and nothing else, to see if something malicious is there, because the school doesn’t want malicious things connecting to the network.

When you arrive at a school that uses the BYOD network, you can use the network “CNUSD-BYOD” to access the free Wi-Fi. This works on phones and laptops.

Some students might be worried about security, theft, and damage to their personal device. On that topic, the school district states that “Devices are the sole responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. CNUSD accepts no responsibility for either the security of, or the data residing on, the device. District employees will not support, repair, or troubleshoot student devices.”

The Wi-Fi is content filtered while on campus. This wont effect Wi-Fi usage outside of campus. Note that the devices and the Wi-Fi are supposed to only be used for in-class learning and in-class activities.

You can always unenroll your device by uninstalling the apps required to qualify for the BYOD at any time.

For anymore info about FAQ, enrollment, or different processes to unenroll your device, you can find it here.

Currently, Norco High, Roosevelt High, Raney Intermediate, Ramirez Intermediate, Centennial High, Orange Grove High, Lee Pollard High, Santiago High, Corona High, and JFK Middle College have joined the BYOD network.


Here is the shared video on Intelligent Hub.