Club Interactions at the Norco Rodeo!


Owen Longwell, Writer

The 35th anniversary of the Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo, Friday the 23rd to Sunday the 25th of August, has recently wowed Norconian crowds with equestrian brilliance. The event was sponsored by a host of outlets – Browning Dodge, Hemborg Ford, WM, Trench Shoring and nearly thirty others listed on the website – but in addition many groups directly helped in the event, including some clubs from our own Norco High School!

The following groups are the Norco High School groups who took part in the event:


Boys’ Varsity Tennis


The Blue Diamond Brigade


Let’s all give congratulations to the involved parties of the rodeo, and thanks to those who took time out of their weekend to help make this event the success that it was!