A new teacher in Unity!


Mrs. Farias and her unity class

Owen Longwell, Writer

The Unity Class at Norco High School has recently observed a job shift. Mrs. Strong has stepped down as the Unity teacher, and Mrs. Farias has excitedly accepted the position!

Mrs. Farias is a math teacher with five years’ experience, who in past years taught at Chino High School. This is Mrs. Farias’ first year of teaching the Unity class, but already she says they are starting to get the ball rolling. “Our goal is to get students from all walks of life together, seeing through our differences, celebrating each other, and developing a community or forum.” She added that students should join the class if they want to help unify the Norco High campus.

The former teacher, Mrs. Strong, taught Unity for 11 years here at Norco High, while occasionally hosting Unity camps throughout the district. Throughout the end of last year, she’s been helping with passing the Unity torch, but she does admit that she is going to miss the class and some of her students. “I’m excited to see the transition and the journey the new program will take.”