New IDs on Campus


Ryan Curtis, Editor-In-Chief

Student ID requirements this year have changed from past years. For safety reasons, IDs are to be visible on the student’s person.

It is crucial for this type of identification “in order for us to provide as much safety as possible. It is helpful for us to identify non students or trespassers much quicker and confront those individuals before they enter our campus during the school day” says principal, Mr. Ibbetson. Safety is high priority in this school, and this is one way to help ensure student safety.

Ways to wear the student ID is on a lanyard clipped to the front of the student, clipped to the front of the backpack/purse (when wearing it), or any other way that makes the student ID visible from the front.

Students are not allowed to wear their IDs clipped to the back of their backpacks/purse, hanging out their back pockets, or clipped to a jacket not being worn.

Students wearing their IDs in the classroom is up to the discretion of the teachers. Students may not wear their IDs in classes that can cause safety problems, such as shop classes and athletic classes. The IDs do not need to be worn after school hours while on campus, however, students should still have it on them when arriving to a school function.

Student ID replacements cost $5 per ID card. Students who do not come to school with their ID’s will be required to report to the Student Store/ASB Office for an immediate replacement. If the student does not have money at the time of replacing the ID, they will have an unpaid balance known as an obligation, similar to unpaid textbook fees, which restricts students from dances and picking up their official diploma at graduation.

This new requirement will take some adjusting, but if we all work together for our safety, it will become a positive habit in no time.