Senior Memories

Davide Scrofano, Writer

High school has been a wild ride for all of us. All the nights staying up late doing homework, finishing that project due the next day that you have procrastinated for two weeks, or even just going to the Friday night football game are all important memories for us that we are going to carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Before you leave high school, do one thing: Walk the halls one last time and reminisce in all the memories you’ve had. Look around. Look at your locker one last time. Once graduation happens, it’ll all be gone. Graduation is coming fast, and before you know it, we’ll be freshmen in college or joining the work force.

For many, high school was a life changer. We were kids when we first entered high school. Now as seniors, we are getting ready to become a part of the adult world. Compare yourself to how you were as an incoming freshmen. Compare it to how you are now. How much has changed since then?

High school has been one of the most important times in our lives. It’s what has prepared us for college, the work force, and eventually, the real world. Soon high school will only be a memory, so make the short time we have left here count.