Notre Dame Cathedral On Fire

Davide Scrofano, Writer

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On April 15, 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral was ablaze. The cause of the fire is unknown, however thankfully there have been no reported deaths. Although the fire has been put out, the cathedral suffered major damages.

The case is currently under investigation. Authorities have yet to release any information regarding the fire, however, many people are speculating that it may have had something to do with the renovation that was being done on the site.

The good news is that French President Macron had pledged to rebuild the cathedral when he addressed France, saying, “I’m telling you all tonight — we will rebuild this cathedral together. This is probably part of the French destiny. And we will do it in the next years. Starting tomorrow, a national donation scheme will be started that will extend beyond our borders,” Another person who has pledged to help rebuild the cathedral is French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of the Kering luxury group, who pledged $113 million towards rebuilding the cathedral.

This is not just a tragedy for France, it is a tragedy for the world. Hopefully, within time, the cathedral will be brought back to its former glory.


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