Norco High Stunt

Jacob Williams, Editor-In-Chief

Only in its second year as a sport at Norco High, stunt is ready to dominate competition and show that Norco High sports are more than just football, baseball, and softball.

Norco High stunt is “new, fresh, exciting” and gives cheerleaders a forum to showcase their athletic activities, Mrs. Celestin says Norco High should be excited to watch, and also consider joining stunt. Stunt is different than any other sport because, obviously, it doesn’t have a ball involved. “You compete with the opponent using the same routine seeing who can perform it better,” Mrs. Celestin explains how the game is played. Other than getting better at cheerleading, stunt teaches putting others first, self-discipline, and most importantly, teamwork.

Mrs. Celestin has been the head coach of stunt since it started last school year. She says her favorite part about coaching is “building relationships with students.” She attended Norco High, and now works here as a Language Arts teacher.

In a recent interview, Gabby Cameron and Kailey Brand talked about their experience so far on the stunt team. Cameron went on to say that “cooperating with the team” is the best part about it. After being asked how stunt is different than any other sport, they both stated, “obviously it does not include a ball, but also you do not know your results until the end.” Brand and Cameron are both juniors at Norco high. Cameron enjoys playing soccer for Norco High, spending time with friends on the weekends, and sometimes she goes go on hikes and adventures. Brand enjoys spending time with friends and family during her free time.

Norco High stunt is a new way for cheerleaders to get extra practice and the thrill of competition. It is also a way for students to attend cheer competitions to support Norco High!

Keep up the hard work and show Norco High that stunt is a new fun sport to watch and cheer for!