Athlete of the Month


Davide Scrofano, Writer

Makayla Breceda, a sophomore member of the wrestling team who is ranked top four in the 106 weight bracket in the CIF Southern Section, has been recognized as athlete of the month because of her hard work and dedication to wrestling.

In an interview, Makayla said, “I’ve been wrestling for two to three years, but I’ve been watching it since I was a little kid. I decided to wrestle because I saw my brothers wrestle and my dad coaching them. That made me want to join and become better than they are.”

In order to make it to CIF, wrestlers have to place in the top three in league. If you make 4th, you are considered an alternate. That means that if one of the top 3 did not make weight or don’t wrestle at CIF, you take their spot. “It takes hard work to make it to CIF,” said Makayla, “it also takes a lot of practice and listening to your coaches.”

In any sport, there are ups and downs. Wrestling has its fair share of great moments and difficult times. “The best part about wrestling is when my family is in the stands cheering me on and my dad is on the side coaching me. The hardest part, I would say has to be putting a lot of time into practicing and making sure I place top 4 in the rankings.”

“I have three inspirations. My first one has to be my dad, my second one has to be my mom, and my third inspiration has to be my brother, Sean, who wrestles in college for Mt. Sac.” She added that “My favorite tournament I have been to so far is the Girls Rodeo Wrestling Challenge and Queen of the Hill.”

Makayla plans on wrestling for the rest of her time in high school and continues to strive for greatness in her sport. She plans on wrestling in college when she graduates. Keep up the good work, and congratulations on being named Norco Highs’ Athlete of the Month.